Revolution's cash recycler products and solutions are designed with one goal in mind: Automate the Cash Handling Process. By recycling cash and improving store analytics, Revolution helps reduce costs and increase profitability.

QuantumTM Series

Revolution’s Quantum Series was developed to be one of the world’s first under-the-counter cash and coin recyclers. This new best-in-class Cash Automation Technology was designed for small footprint businesses with 1-10 cash registers. This multi-till cash recycler is compact and flexible; it can be utilized under the front counter or in the back office. It is ideal for QSR, C-Store, Casual Dining, or any enterprise with 1-10 registers.

Spend more time focused on customer facing activities and managing your business while the Revolution Quantum Series automates your cash management process.

Quantum – World’s First completely under the counter Cash and Coin Recycler designed for lower cash volume business (C-Store, QSR, Pharmacy, Small Box Retail).

Model Recycling
Quantum TM Series        
Quantum 2S 10,100 5,820  2 3
Quantum 4S 10,100 4,940 4 2

Quantum 2S and 4S


Height: 30.75” (781 mm)

Width: 32” (813 mm)

Depth: 24” (610 mm) install depth

24” (610 mm) servicing depth

25.4” (645 mm) transit/transportation clearance

Weight: 440 lbs. (199.5 kg)

Unit must be secured to a level floor.

  • 10″ Touch Screen Color Display
  • Integrated Biometrics
  • Closed Loop Architecture of Notes and Coins; No Manual Intervention Required
  • Coin Discrimination (i.e. Counterfeit Coin Rejection)
  • Lockable Deposit and Recycle Cassettes
  • “Fitness Sort” on Recycled Notes
  • Flexible Note Orientation (No Need to Separate or Face Notes)
  • Integrated Drop/Storage Vault
  • Integrated Printer
  • Scalable Platform
  • Network and Cluster Multiple Devices
  • Continuous 24/7 Monitoring
  • Vault – UL 291 Business “Hours Rated”

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Cash Recycler VS Smart Safe

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