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Less time spent counting, collating, and reconciling cash means more time and cash available to build a more efficient, customer-focused retail business. Automating manual cash processes in the back office means your staff can be re-deployed to customer facing roles and cashiers can also spend more time with customers not counting their cash drawers.

Retail Back Office Solutions

Glory offers a selection of back office solutions that help recycle cash – creating and closing tills, counting and sorting, and automating the entire cash process. With a cash automation solution, your staff can spend more time on customer facing roles that will add value to the overall customer experience at your retail store and focus on your business, not on counting cash.

Retail Back Office Solutions – Click on a solution for more information

CI-50: Back office compact cash recycler for low volume cash
CI-100X: High-speed, large capacity cash recycler
CI-300X: High-speed, large capacity cash recycler
CI-500X: High-speed, extra-large capacity cash recycler
Paragon: Designed for medium to large footprint businesses

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