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How Much Does a Cash Recycler Cost?

Cash recyclers costs can vary depending on the machine’s capacity, the supporting systems integrated, and how it’s configured for your company’s unique use case. It’s highly recommended to speak with a cash recycler expert to anticipate all costs associated with the purchase, installation, and maintenance of a cash recycler, alongside efficiencies that are quickly realized from upgrading your company’s cash processes. Other associated costs are installation and service fees that a cash recycler manufacturer should forecast for their customers.

Total cost of implementation can depend on a variety of factors that are critical in determining both cost and appropriate fit. Cash recycler hardware and supporting systems that have optimal fit for a unique cash environment often quickly surpass investment costs to reach rapid profitability.

Costs Associated with
Purchasing a Cash Recycler

  • Hardware
  • Supporting Software Systems
  • Installation
  • Employee Adoption
  • Service and Maintenance Forecasting


Hardware requirements are determined by branch or location analysis. Critical to this analysis are employee cash handling protocols, security data, and cash volume needs.

Cash Recycler Maintenance Forecast

Supporting Software Systems

As the largest cash recycler manufacturer we partner with a variety of integration solution providers each offering a host of unique solutions to meet any cash handling needs. Our partners can provide simple standalone solutions, middleware, direct integration, and cloud offerings.

Installation and Employee Adoption

Ensuring 100% adoption rate hinges on appropriate employee training. Cost efficiencies are easily realized when staff is thoroughly taught how to use cash recycler systems for both common and unique cash handling scenarios.

Service and Maintenance Forecasting

Forecasting and predicting the service needs of cash recycler hardware and systems is a necessary to avoid costly down time. Not only does a cash recycler manufacture and the partnering systems provider need to have a united front for quick response time but also they need the capability to see into the future and predict service requirements.

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Since cash needs vary from business to business we recommend speaking with one of our cash recycler experts to determine the needs and technology requirements for your specific use case. Below is a list of variables to determine which type of cash recyclers can benefit your company the most.

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