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Efficiency at the point of sale is critical to the customer experience and retail store profitability. Automating cash handling reduces threats that may impact your store profits and allows your staff to focus on serving customers and not counting cash.

Retail Point of Sale Solutions

Glory offers the latest innovation for point of sale cash recycling solutions that are integrated and connected. Retailers can maximize store efficiency and the cost of cash, and see a fast return on investment by automating cash handling with a cash recycler.

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Cash recycling removes the need for staff to handle cash, which improves store profits because counting errors, counterfeits and shrinkage are minimized. Cashiers are able to engage in an improved customer experience by removing the burden of counting cash and handling cash.

Point of Sale Solutions – Click on a solution for more information

CI-5: Small cash recycling system
CI-10X: Cash touchless solution for retailers
CI-Hybrid 15: Cash recycling device at point of sale
CI-50: Front office compact cash and coin recycler
Quantum: Under-the-counter cash and coin recyclers

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