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Most frequently, we find ourselves helping customers in casinos, grocery stores, big box retailers, transportation interchanges, and hotels. However, Revolution is suited for any business that handles large quantities of cash.


Modern large hotels include multiple restaurants, gift shops, and in some cases entertainment venues in addition to front desk operations. With one or more registers in each of these locations, the need to eliminate manual cash handling becomes critical. Revolution helps hotels transform cash management by reducing errors, saving time, and keeping cash-on-hand to a minimum.


Casinos and Gaming

Given that casinos deal with very large amounts of cash on a daily basis, there are many opportunities for handling coins and notes more quickly, with added security and greater accuracy. Revolution’s larger models can count and dispense coins and notes fast, keeping a detailed record of each transaction. Every person who uses the Revolution is recorded through the biometric palm scanner, key card, or unique PIN.


Grocery Stores

The high usage of cash and large number of registers found in most grocery stores mean that there are many opportunities for greater efficiency and security in the cash handling process. In under 1 minute clerks can check out their tills at the start of their shift and check them back in at the end of the shift. Recycling notes and coins means that less cash on-hand is needed in the store. And deposit preparation is more accurate and faster because of the Revolutions’ automated reports.



Big Box Retailers have significant cash handling challenges. These include the large numbers of cash registers with very high cash volume (especially during holiday sales events), which means a greater amount of cash is needed to start each business day. Because of the volume of cash and registers, there is usually also a need for dedicated personnel to man the cash room. Revolution addresses all of these challenges: cash recycling means less cash is needed at the start of each business day, and Revolution’s automated deposit preparation and analytics means fewer hours for cash room personnel.


Transportation Interchanges

Travel plazas and airports can handle tens of thousands of visitors per day. This means the operators of the restaurants, gift shops, and convenience stores found at these locations need efficient ways to handle the large amounts of cash that pass through their registers daily. Revolution automates the cash handling process for transportation exchange managers and clerks, providing fast and secure cash management.


Every business is unique. We are here to help you find the best solution for your market.

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