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How Does a Cash Recycler Work?

Cash recyclers work by automating the counting and authentication of bills and coins to then both safely store and re-dispense or “recycle” the same cash for retail purposes, reducing the frequency of armored transport and cash-ordering from a Federal Reserve Branch.

Cash recyclers can intake both bills and coins, which are then counted and sorted into cassettes for storage and re-dispensing. Systems supporting the physical machine integrate directly with a company’s financial systems to realize the value of cash on hand as if bank notes have already been shipped to a bank. Automating cash transaction processes to and from your cash inventory essentially puts a functioning bank within your facility.

Cash recyclers provide roughly a 90% gain in efficiency by eliminating manual counting, validating, shipping, and cash ordering. Cash recyclers not only give tellers and cash handlers more time but also eliminate costly human error.

How a Cash Recycler Works:

  1. Notes and coins are placed in their respective feeders.
  2. The cash passes through validators and sorters to determine denomination.
  3. Counterfeit coins and notes are removed during sorting, and rejected.
  4. Authenticated cash is sorted into cassettes for vault storage or for on-site re-dispensing.
  5. When a withdrawal is necessary, cassettes are immediately and safely available for re-dispensing within your company’s unique use case.
Cash Recycler at Work

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