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From day one of operation, Glory cash recyclers automate virtually all of your manual cash handling functions. This results in significant benefits throughout your entire business. These cross-departmental benefits speed your return on investment model and quickly help your operations become more secure, reliable, and profitable.

Insights and FAQ

Choosing the best cash handling hardware, processes and systems to achieve your company’s goals can be complicated. Consulting with one of our experts can help your organization quickly recoup cash handling system investments while also providing unparalleled flexibility for growth. Below are some frequently asked questions that can help when speaking with one of our consultants.


Glory provides immediate benefits to your cash-intensive retail operations. Some of these benefits include:

  • All stages in the retail cash cycle become more efficient through automation and recycling
  • Back office cash management hours are significantly reduced
  • Starting and ending shifts by cashiers is fast and error-free
  • Fewer pickups by CIT services are typically needed
  • Less cash on hand is required
  • All employees who handle cash are held more accountable
  • Balancing is streamlined
  • Service calls are kept to a minimum through embedded guides and videos
  • Currency levels and system operations are monitored 24/7 – 365 days
  • Allows more time to be spent with customers

Return on Investment (ROI)

Glory has a proven track record of excellent ROI for its customers and you can expect the same in your operations. Although each business is different, some of the most common areas where ROI is seen are:

  • Cash room FTE hours reduced
  • Cashier FTE hours reduced
  • Cash variation costs reduced
  • CIT fees reduced
  • Cash handling fees reduced
  • Cost of cash on hand reduced
  • Provisional / same day credit on deposits

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