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Less time spent counting, collating, and reconciling cash means more time and cash available to build a more efficient, customer-focused retail business. Automating manual cash processes in the back office means your staff can be re-deployed to customer facing roles and cashiers can also spend more time with customers not counting their cash drawers.

CI-500X Back Office

As part of the CASHINFINITY™ solution, the CI-500X is a high-speed, extra-large capacity cash recycler that meets the unique volume demands of retail and gaming markets. As an option, CI-500X can accept collection cassettes from CI-10X, so there is no need to touch notes and coins. The CI-500X is Glory’s highest capacity cash recycler for retail and gaming markets, and it enables customers to reduce CIT pick-ups and frequent replenishments of change funds. The CI-500X is flexible and scalable solution that can be customized according to a customer’s operational needs and requirements.


  • Cash and coin operations are fully secure, eliminating cash handling
  • Auto-verification accurately displays the latest inventory even in the occurrence of jams or human error
  • Various safe types and collection methods provide customized options that fit the customers back office needs

Suitable For:

  • Back office automated banknote and coin handling
  • Optimizing CIT operations, fewer collections and less loading operations
  • Connecting banking processes
  • TBD
  • Coin: 8 recycler stackers
  • Total banknote capacity: Up to 19,800 notes
  • Note collection drawer capacity: 6,300-5,000 notes
  • Dependent on banknote quality. Capacities are for reference only and are not guaranteed.
  • Coin collection capacity: 5000 coins
  • Coin overflow tray capacity: 1000 coins
  • The capacity of coins is calculated in USD 1 cent
  • Total coin capacity: Dependent on recycle module configuration

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The latest innovation from Glory for point-of-sale cash recycling, the CI-10X is ideal for retailers of all sizes looking to accept, handle and manage cash.

CI-50 Back Office

The handling and movement of cash in any retail environment can be costly and impacts the efficiency of your staff and business operations.


As part of the CASHINFINITY™ solution, the CI-300X is a high-speed, large capacity cash recycler that meets the demands of high-volume cash locations.

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