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Glory + Revolution = Better Together



Together, Glory and Revolution have the largest and most
flexible retail portfolio. Our solution features the only truly
closed/sealed loop that ensures zero cash exposure.

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Product Overview

Glory’s products and solutions are designed with one goal in mind: Automate the Cash Handling Process. By recycling cash and improving store analytics, Revolution helps reduce costs and increase profitability.

Benefits and ROI

What sets Glory products apart from our competitors are a rich set of hardware, software, and system features. Discover some of Revolution’s primary features and benefits.

Support and Service

Glory stands apart from its competition by offering the most comprehensive and highest quality support and service. With an average 99.5% uptime, you will rarely need technical support, but if you do, we’ve got you covered.

Hotels. Casinos. Grocery. Retailers. Transportation.

If you are a retailer who handles large volumes of cash, Revolution’s cash recyclers are going to save you money.

Use of Cash Expected to Grow

Due to the expected 4.7% annual growth of US retail, more cash continues to be tendered in retail locations than ever before.

  • Percent of consumer spending being made with cash 46% 46%
  • US population without credit card 43% 43%
  • US population without credit card or debit card 20% 20%
  • US population with no bank account (17 million people) 8% 8%

Sources: United States Retail Sales YOY. Retrieved October 1, 2013, and, McKenzie, Heather (June 2013). Cash: will it ever die? Treasury Retrieved July 15, 2013.

Paragon – Best in Class Cash and Coin Recycler

Quantum – World’s First completely under the counter Cash and Coin Recycler designed for lower cash volume business (C-Store, QSR, Pharmacy, Small Box Retail).



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