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Revolution's cash recycler products and solutions are designed with one goal in mind: Automate the Cash Handling Process. By recycling cash and improving store analytics, Revolution helps reduce costs and increase profitability.

5000-6000-8000 Series

Revolution’s largest capacity recyclers, the 5000 (16,000 note capacity), 6000 (24,000 note capacity) and 8000 (32,000 note capacity) are the scalable, fully integrated and engineered systems designed to support the most cash intense business in retail.  Supporting up to six (6) recycled denominations of notes, these systems provide the same Revolution functionality and features that help the retailer manage their cash demands more effectively, reducing errors and costs.

Spend more time in customer facing activities, building customer satisfaction and sales by “Revolutionizing Cash Management” in your store.


Weight:  3225 lbs. (1463 kg) Standard Security Note Vault

Weight:  4025 lbs. (1826 kg) High Security Note Vault

Height:  45.96″ (1167 mm) Top of Coin Platform

Height:  64.26″ (1632 mm) Overall

Width:  73. 42″ (1865 mm)

Depth:  39.10″ (993 mm)

Installation Requirements

  • Space requirements for serviceability – 6 feet wide x 6 feet deep
  • Power requirements – U.S. Standard 120 V, 15 A power outlet (the system requires 120 Volts, 10 Amp for operation); dedicated outlet preferred
  • Ethernet outlet required for Axeda Remote Monitoring

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